Step 1: Sign up

The good news is that step 1 is already complete. You’ve signed up with the Allegiance and have received an email with a link. The share link you see at the top of your dashboard is how you earn commissions. This link is unique to you. Whoever clicks the link will automatically be associated with you and ensure that you get your commission off of their purchase or that they will be connected to you if they sign up to be part of the Allegiance.

****a temporary password has been set for you. please change it to your desired password under your account info. 

You should also have received in that email a personal discount code to use at This code is for your use only, please do not share with anyone. 

Step 2: Refer friends, followers, and family to 1Mission.

Put the aforementioned share link in the website field of your social media profiles. This is important! If you just post the link in your general bio, the link will not be clickable and you will lose potential earnings. 

Post the following in your social media bios: 

@1missionnutrition Allegiance 

(unique share link below)

Set your social media profiles to public. This increases the visibility and accessibility to your account. 

Step 3: Connect with the team

Start by following 1Mission Nutrition on social media. This is a great way to stay up to date on what is going on with the company and the current promotions. Comment and interact as often as you can to show support.

Your Allegiance team pages are also on social media. Follow the pages below for updates, promotions and team info.  Be sure to check out the followers of these pages often and FOLLOW them!  These are your Allegiance teammates!

Follow and tag the founders of 1Mission and the Allegiance staff so we can get to know you!

Step 4: Earn money while being a part of a team that supports a great cause. 

Every sale that YOU drive helps put a care package into the hands of a deployed armed forces service member for free. 

All commissions are paid the same day!!! In addition, if you refer a new Allegiance member, you will earn a $25 voucher towards supplements or anything else on

As an ALLEGIANCE member, you get access to the ALLEGIANCE store on  You will receive exclusive access to Allegiance apparel and swag, as well as the opportunity to try out new products and flavors before they are launched to the public!

Step 5: Submit a photo

We like to feature our Allegiance members on the team page.  To be considered please email your best photos wearing allegiance gear. to 

Step 6: Write a review

We request that you write a review on both the 1Mission Nutrition Facebook page as well as on You do not need to purchase our product on amazon in order to write a review. A positive review will help spread the word about our company and increase the amount of free care packages we can distribute. 

As a final note, please explore both the Assets and Support tabs on your dashboard. This is where we will be providing you with content about the latest sales and promotions at 1Mission, as well as an Allegiance support team to assist with any problems you may encounter.